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Digital Menu Boards

VIE Technology Pvt. Ltd. made it possible for hotel guests to order directly from a screen from their rooms rather than depending on a fellow human being or waiter to note their order grumpily or erroneously that too after giving a call at the reception and waiting for the waiter to come up to the 6th floor and take the order. This has been possible with the introduction of much effective digital menu boards by our company into the market especially the hotel industry.

After the launch of such advanced Digital touch screen Menu Boards, a notepad should to be seen at any Hotels in India. At this epitome of the computer age, reservations are made by SMS then even in hotels, guests should use touch-screens to order everything from food to hiring a car from their room itself.

From the kitchen corner, with the touch of a finger, diners can scroll through menu categories in the digital menu display boards including the entire menu of the hotel or the restaurant. If something looks appealing, they can touch it and a more detailed picture and description pops up. Then, to order touch the "Order now" tab and the request is sent to the kitchen where a team of chefs start cooking. Within minutes, the dish is at the table, enabling diners to eat while deciding what else to try.

"The touch-panel is obviously a very new thing to have in a Hotel Room, so we were worried customers would complain about it being too technological. But so far no one has had any problems at all. I think, because computers and the internet are so popular these days, this sort of technology in restaurants is really just the next step."
Traditional Processes of phoning, for Luddites are left untouched at every room.

The touch-screens are efficient, easy-to-use and less time consuming which make it easy to get carried away and order with just a touch. Besides cutting costs for Hotels, VIE, one of the foremost suppliers of digital menu boards says, that the bytes-for-bites approach has a novelty value that can lure younger generation/customers in this developing world. It can also boost revenues as order from a single touch makes user comfortable enough to access the full hotel features and with all the brief descriptions of the services and items mentioned it becomes easy for the customer to order. The Guest will have a feeling of getting a robot gadget to access the full control of the hotel in their hand.

Touch-screen ordering is a sign of the times, write Kerry Coleman and Rebecca Harris. The Seattle-based giant's website predicts the system will "transform the way people shop, dine, entertain and live". So when it comes to Hotel Menu – trust VIE to come up with new ways of innovating the Hotel Menu game. It isn’t exactly molecular reconstruction or even robot waitresses…in fact nobody takes your order at all. It’s all done via a touch screen at your very own Room. You click on the Room Services, Kitchen corner , movies , Tourist Information, Banks , Hospitals etc enter in how many you want and OK GO! Within a few minutes, a friendly wait-person delivers your order with a smile and you’re on your way to delectable central. Tell me who doesn’t want to press the buttons?

  • Get the orders from the room and directly delivers to the concerned department with a use of a printer with the room number and the person’s need.
  • Generates the reports every day / week about the hotel’s transaction from each room.
  • Give details about the city information just from a single click.
  • Take cares about the requirement of a new guest in the city providing them all the necessary information of Hospitals , ATM Centres , Banks , Tours , Movies, City Map , Malls etc
  • Gives the Account information of the guest on his screen.
  • Direct order of their desired food from a single touch.

  • Time saving
  • Automatic Report generation
  • Saves Labour / waiter cost.
  • Flexibility in displaying the hotel extra features.
  • Full information about the city from a single room of the hotel/

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